• A Strategic Framework for Global Sourcing

    Several alternatives exist as to the method and location for performing business processes. Subject to certain constraints, these processes may be located anywhere in the world, and can be performed internally by the company or by other organizations...

  • Assessing & Documenting Outsourcing Opportunities

    Assessing Outsourcing OpportunitiesBy Jeff Richards
    Managing Partner

    We work with a lot of organizations that outsource many of their business processes to third party providers. If you’re considering outsourcing your manufacturing, data center, call center or other processes, you need to be aware of the different phases of the outsourcing lifecycle. In our last article, we introduced the outsourcing lifecycle and its five phases. In this article we’ll delve more deeply into Phase I of the cycle: assessing and documenting outsourcing opportunities.

  • Developing & Negotiating an Outsourcing Contract

    Negotiating an Outsourcing ContractBy Jeff Richards
    Managing Partner

    In our past few blogs we’ve been talking about the outsourcing lifecycle and its five phases. We started with an introduction to the outsourcing lifecycle, and then delved into the first two phases: assessing outsourcing opportunitiesand selecting an outsourcing service provider. This brings us to Phase III: contract development and service provider negotiations.

    This is the phase in which you develop the framework for your relationship with your new business partner. Yes – your outsourcing service provider is essentially a business partner! Here’s what you need to know…

  • Implementing Your Outsourcing Services Contract

    Implementing Your Outsourcing Serving ContractBy Jeff Richards
    Managing Partner

    The decision to outsource a business process or an IT function is a significant one, and to ensure you achieve the desired outcomes care must be taken at each stage of the outsourcing lifecycle. In previous posts we introduced the outsourcing lifecycle and talked about each of the first three phases of this cycle: assessing outsourcing opportunities, selecting an outsourcing service provider and developing and negotiating an outsourcing contract.

    In this final post in the 5-part series we will cover phases IV and V of the outsourcing lifecycle. In these phases the contract is implemented, and the relationship and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are managed on an on-going basis.

  • Introduction to the Outsourcing Lifecycle

    Introduction to the outsourcing lifecycleBy Jeff Richards
    Managing Partner

    Regardless of what services you wish to outsource – Manufacturing, Data Center, Applications Management, Call Center, Business Process or Supply Chain – there are multiple ways to approach your outsourcing journey. As with any significant transformation of your business model, it is always best to follow an organized and methodical approach. The exact approach you choose will be determined by many things, including:

  • Is Outsourcing Right for Us?

    Is outsourcing right for youBy Jeff Richards
    Managing Partner

    In today’s highly competitive global environment, many companies are asking the question, “Is outsourcing right for us?” The short answer is probably a qualified yes. In my last post I presented some of the benefits of outsourcing. Some part of almost every organization could undoubtedly benefit from an outsourcing assessment. But which part?

  • Selecting an Outsourcing Service Provider

    Selecting an Outsourcing Service ProviderBy Jeff Richards
    Managing Partner

    This is the third installment of our series on the outsourcing lifecycle. The first article provided an introduction to the outsourcing lifecycle and its five phases. The most recent article was about Phase I of this lifecycle, Assessing and Documenting Outsourcing Opportunities. Today we’ll do a deep dive into Phase II: Evaluating and Selecting a Service Provider.

    This phase starts with the creation of a Request for Information/Proposal (RFI/RFP) and concludes with the selection of an outsourcing service provider.

  • The 7 Classic Outsourcing Mistakes

    The 7 Classic Outsourcing MistakesBy Jeff Richards
    Managing Partner

    It is an unfortunate reality that most outsourcing deals fail to reach their true potential. Over the course of assisting many clients with outsourcing, we have found that the following seven things, either alone or in combination, are the major causes of dissatisfaction with outsourcing:

  • The Global Sourcing Matrix

    The Global Sourcing MatrixBy Jeff Richards
    Managing Partner

    Thanks to the wonders of technology and transportation, today many (if not most) business processes can be performed almost anywhere in the world. As a result, your organization has countless options for global sourcing – so much so that analyzing all of the options can be challenging.

    To assist you in this area, CIOPS has developed a matrix that serves as a succinct strategic framework for illustrating your global sourcing alternatives. Here’s what you need to know…

  • Why Outsource?

    Reasons to outsourceBy Jeff Richards
    Managing Partner

    In today’s highly competitive global environment, many companies are taking a close look at outsourcing. Should they outsource? And if so, why?

    What exactly is outsourcing?

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